YOU can Be a Successful Voice Teacher! (Downloadable PDF)




This over 650-page manual has everything you need to become successful as a contemporary voice teacher.

The Sing Like a Star Eight Steps of Vocal Development Method is a revolutionary and effective voice training method for contemporary singers. This manual contains the science and background of vocal production as well as a step-by-step training guide that will teach you how to be a successful teacher that gets results!

Also includes: Songwriting for the Contemporary Singer, How to be Successful in the Music Business, and Working with Children.

This manual is also available on USB flash drive.

The pdf version of the manual does not include recorded exercises.

For the online subscription course that includes an online version of this manual plus over 700 recorded exercises in male and female keys, please visit www.slascourses/get-started. (Sold separately).

You don’t have to be a great pianist to be successful with the online course product (sold separately from the pdf). The recorded tracks, with inspiring and fun music, develop your student effectively through The Eight Steps of Vocal Development- the method that has produced Broadway stars and TV show winners on shows such as The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and Starsearch.

Includes: Style: How to Riff and Run!

This online course contains everything you need to train contemporary singers!

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