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Embark on a transformative journey to vocal excellence with Sing Like A Star’s cutting-edge courses designed for both aspiring singers and voice teachers. Our comprehensive programs, rooted in the acclaimed Sing Like A Star Method, offer an unparalleled learning experience that will take your skills from novice to professional.

Course 1: For Singers – Sing Like a Star!

Unleash your inner star with the “Sing Like a Star” course tailored for singers. This course is your gateway to:

  • Science-Based Instructional Manual: Gain a deep understanding of how your voice works through our extensive instructional manual. Learn the intricacies of breath control, vocal range extension, and advanced techniques like riffs and runs.
  • Hundreds of Recorded Vocal Exercises: Immerse yourself in a world of vocal exercises that span from beginner to professional levels. The exercises, demonstrated by professional singers, are your stepping stones to vocal mastery.
  • Play and Sing Along: With a simple click of the “play” button, dive into the world’s best technique training. Sing along to exciting and fun music tracks, enhancing your skills joyously and engagingly.
  • Bonus Section: Unlock Your Creative Side: Discover the art of songwriting with a dedicated bonus section. Learn how to pen your own songs and tap into your unique musical expression.
  • Insider Tips: Breaking Into the Music Business: Delve into exclusive insights on breaking into the music business. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the industry successfully.

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Course 2: For Voice Teachers – Be a Successful Voice Teacher!

Elevate your teaching skills with the “Be a Successful Voice Teacher” course, designed specifically for voice teachers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, this course offers:

  • Science-Based Instructional Manual: Understand the intricacies of the singing voice with our comprehensive manual. Gain insights into vocal functions and discover the secrets behind successful voice teaching.
  • Interactive Vocal Exercises: Guide your students from beginner to professional using our vast library of recorded vocal exercises. The exercises, progressing from basic to advanced, ensure a thorough skill-building experience.
  • No Piano Skills Required: Break free from the constraints of piano skills. The course allows you to be more involved and interactive with your students. Just hit the “play” button and lead your students through the world’s best technique training.
  • Bonus Section: Riffs and Runs Mastery: Learn the art of riffs and runs and impart this skill to your students. Elevate your teaching style with advanced techniques.

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Why Sing Like A Star?

  • Proven Success: The Sing Like A Star Method has trained Broadway Stars, Pop Icons, R&B and Gospel Sensations, Country Stars, and winners of America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and American Idol.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Our courses cover essential elements like breath management, belting, singing high notes, mix voice, dynamics, flexibility, power, and style – riffs and runs.
  • Exciting Music Tracks: All exercises are set to exciting and fun music tracks, making your practice sessions enjoyable.

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