YOU can be a Successful Voice Teacher Online Course

Even if you don’t play piano well or you don’t consider yourself a great singer in contemporary styles, you can still train and develop amazing singers with this course.  With the YOU can be a Successful Voice Teacher course, you can become successful beyond your wildest dreams.  Whether you want to teach in-person lessons or virtual lessons, this course will help you train singers that keep coming back for more!


YOU can be a Successful Voice Teacher Course

Now, you don’t have to be a great pianist or vocal stylist to become a great voice teacher! 

With the SLaS Method, you can train contemporary (CCM) singers- rock, pop, jazz, R&B, country, and musical theatre.

The SLaS method has produced

Broadway Stars
Pop Stars
Country Stars
Gospel and R&B Stars
America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol winners.

Over 700 recorded exercises, demonstrated by professional singers, will develop your students’ skills from beginner to professional.

AND an extensive science-based manual that makes you an expert on the singing voice.

Your students will learn:

Breath Management (Step One)
Developing the Lower Register (Step Two)
Developing the Upper Register (Step Three)
Mix Voice (Step Five)
Dynamics, Flexibility, and Power (Step Seven)
Style- Riffs and Runs (Step Eight)

Recorded exercises set to exciting and fun music tracks makes teaching a joy!

Lesson Plans guide you and your students through the program- sequential skill development!


This is an example of an in-person lesson using the product.  These are just a few of the hundreds of exercises in the course:



1.  Your student purchases a monthly subscription to the YOU can Sing Like a Star Course at YOU can Sing Like a Star course

2.  They play the exercises from their end as you observe and give feedback.  No latency issues!   


3.  You can “screen share”, play the exercise, and stop the track as they sing it back to you.

No more latency!
Save your voice- no more constant demonstrations!
You, the teacher follow the lesson plan and provide feedback to your student.


Here is an example of a Zoom lesson with a student who is working on Riffs and Runs applied to a song (Step Eight).


Teachers- this course will make your online lessons so much easier!

As an added bonus, your students will be able to log into an EXERCISES ONLY version of this course using your login credentials.  Over 600 recorded exercises set to fun music! They play the exercises and sing along- no more latency or call and response teaching.  This feature alone is worth FAR MORE than the price of $49.95 per month!

Monthly Subscription

For $49.95 per month you will have all the tools at your disposal to effectively train singers in ALL musical styles- rock, pop, R&B, musical theater, jazz, gospel, country, or classical! AND your students will be able to log in using your credentials to access all the exercises!

Yearly Subscription

For $499 per year you will save the cost of two months and have all the tools at your disposal to effectively train singers in ALL musical styles- rock, pop, R&B, musical theater, jazz, gospel, country, or classical! AND your students will be able to log in using your credentials to access all the exercises!

FAQ: Will this course work on a phone or mobile device?

This course works on any mobile device including phones, ipads and other tablets.  Anywhere you can get internet, you can use this course!

You will get the fastest load time using the Google Chrome browser and a hardwired computer.

But with good internet speeds you can use any device.  It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser for fastest load times.

FAQ: How does the course work?

The course has two elements: instruction and exercises.   The instruction section in each chapter teaches you all about how the singing voice works, and the science behind the Sing Like a Star method.  The exercises guide you through Eight Steps of Vocal Development, starting with breath management in Step One, all the way through style, riffs and runs in Step Eight.

Your student will progress from beginner to advanced with this course.

Of particular interest to many voice teachers is Step Eight- Riffs and Runs.  Many teachers don't feel confident teaching contemporary singing because they can't demonstrate riffs and runs.

With this course, each exercise is demonstrated by a professional singer.  Your students will be inspired!

The course comes with guided lesson plans for sequential skill building!

FAQ: What if I need more help?

At Sing Like a Star Studios, you can always book a lesson with studio founder Tricia Grey, MM, or with an SLaS Associate Teacher by going to our website at and clicking on the GET STARTED WITH AN INTRO tab.

FAQ: How do I use this product to teach virtual lessons?

Many voice teachers today have turned to internet lessons, and have experienced the frustration of dealing with technology and latency.  Students prefer to sing to "live" music in real time.

That's where this course is so awesome!

Your students will purchase the student version YOU can Sing Like a Star!

Purchase Student Version

They can play the tracks from their end and sing along.  You provide guidance and feedback.

The students love it!

And it's wonderful for teachers because you can choose to use the guided lesson plans and recordings with vocal demo, or, do your own lesson plan and use the Alternate Option recordings with no vocal demo.  With this option you can assign any syllable to the exercise you would like!

Course comes with guided Lesson Plans for sequential skill-building!